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Drywall finishing techniques and products have become an integral part of the construction process. Drywall is a surface-locking membrane that can be applied to the interior or exterior walls of any building. The primary purpose of drywall is to provide an effective barrier against moisture and water; however, drywall is also used as a protective and finish layer.

The main point of discussion is that in most cases, when you have to repair hanging drywall due to cracks or splits, you should use exterior caulk as opposed to interior joint compound. In this scenario, you have a small crack and the only way it can be repaired is by penetrating deeply into the drywall. Exterior caulk is used in such a situation because you don’t want the water penetration into the drywall itself. It will just get absorbed into the plaster or the underlying drywall materials. However, this is not a problem if you just use a thin coat of flat paint to cover the area.


Drywall finishing is normally accomplished by using a combination of different tools. The most common tools include a trowel, chisel, hand saw, sander, electric drill, and level. However, drywall finishing may also require you to use certain chemicals depending on the type of drywall joint compound you are using. If your joint compound contains hydrochloric acid, for example, you may have to use a caulk that contains an antacid. Other caustics may contain either boric acid or hydrochloric acid.

One of the most important considerations in drywall finishing in Kent, Washington is alignment. Unless you are an expert, the best way to ensure that your panels are perpendicular to the wall is to first put one end of the panel on the floor and lean the other panel against it while holding the bottom end of the panel up with a drywall board. Then, align the ends of the panel at their centerlines using a drywall anchor. You may want to hold the panel up in a drill bit so that it can be centered correctly. This should ensure that your panels are perpendicular to the surface on which they will be used.


Another important factor in drywall finishing drywall joint compound is gypsum. You don’t necessarily need to use a gypsum product, but many do-it-yourselfers like the added texture and consistency that it provides. There are gypsum products available specifically for drywall finishing, but if you can’t find them in the store, you can get a good price by shopping online. Alternatively, you can just buy a tub of gypsum and mix it with a few tablespoons of water. Dampen the bottom edge of the gypsum tub with water and then sprinkle the mixture on the drywall.


Drywall finishing compounds are a great way to get professional results without the expense of having a drywall professional perform the work. If you’re thinking about trying drywall finishers work, start by reading the label. Many products claim to be drywall finishers, but many are not. Determining what type of material you want to use, will help you pick the right product for the job. Different types of materials require different methods of application, and drywall finishing compounds are only one part of the formula. Follow these basic tips, and you should have no problems finishing your project.

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