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The basic concept of drywall hanging consists of connecting studs in your wall with sheets of drywall paper. Gypsum is the main ingredient of drywall paper and it is plastered or painted on both surfaces of the stud. Often the drywall paper is referred to as backer paper or backing board. It is used to seal the joint between the drywall and the stud.

The method of drywall hanging consists of two-by-fours placed across the front of the opening. The second row of four will be across the rear of the opening. The third row, or third panel, will be placed inside the first and the fourth across the opening. A piece of board may need to be positioned inside the opening if it is constructed from two-by-six boards. In some cases, drywall panels may need to overlap slightly. This process is usually completed in one day.

When installing drywall hanging in Kent, Washington, it is important to make sure that the ceiling is properly supported. In many cases, the ceiling will need to be lowered several inches to achieve a comfortable install. The reason is that the drywall paper is applied at an angle to the ceiling and it will be installed at an angle as well. If the ceiling is not properly supported, there are a number of problems that may arise during the installation, such as the ceiling becoming misaligned, moisture getting into the walls and the frame getting hung up or warped.


In order to estimate drywall installation costs, one must understand the material costs associated with installation. These include labor, which include salary plus benefits; material cost which include material, labor and overhead cost; and subcontractor charges which are business charges specific to the project. Some companies may offer free estimates through their websites or by contacting them directly. In addition, some home improvement stores offer installation at a reduced price. One must assess the material costs over the lifetime of the house to determine the overall drywall hanging cost. Estimating this cost is essential for the proper construction budget.


Installing drywall construction is achieved by using drywall sheets to seal the interior wall cavities, which include the edges, corners and door jambs. These sheets are generally manufactured from melamine resin, fiberglass, vinyl or nylon materials. To prepare the interior wall for installation, it must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to air dry. When installing the sheet materials, it is important to follow the instructions on the package to ensure an even and smooth application. Many home improvement stores carry drywall construction material in stock.


Hanging drywall can be completed in just a few hours’ time if the drywall hanging process is followed correctly. The process is made simple due to modern materials and modern techniques. Drywall hanging can produce a beautiful effect when used in conjunction with other finishing techniques. Finishing techniques that complement hanging drywall can enhance this project and make it more appealing to homeowners.

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